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Dell EMC PowerEdge R450 SmartValue Bundle Сервер

Dell EMC PowerEdge R450 SmartValue Bundle Сервер
Dell EMC PowerEdge R450 SmartValue Bundle Сервер

210-AZDS  PowerEdge R450 Server  1

329-BGHZ  PowerEdge R450 Motherboard  1

338-CBWK  Intel Xeon Silver 4314 2.4G, 16C/32T, 10.4GT/s, 24M Cache, Turbo, HT (135W) DDR4-2666  2

379-BDSZ  3.5 Chassis  1

379-BDSS  SAS/SATA Backplane  1

379-BDCO  Additional Processor Selected  1

379-BCSF  iDRAC,Factory Generated Password  1

379-BCQY  iDRAC Group Manager, Disabled  1

321-BGSE  4x3.5" (SAS/SATA) 2 CPU  1

325-BCHH  Standard Bezel  1

330-BBVG  Riser Config 1, 2x16LP  1

340-CWXJ  PowerEdge R450 Shipping EMEA1 (English/French/German/Spanish/Russian/Hebrew)  1

343-BBRP  PowerEdge R450 x4, x10 Long Drive Shipping Material  1

350-BCFK  Dell EMC Luggage Tag (4x3.5 Chassis)  1

350-BCEM  No Quick Sync  1

370-AAIP  Performance Optimized  1

370-AEVR  3200MT/s RDIMMs  1

370-AGDS  32GB RDIMM, 3200MT/s, Dual Rank 16Gb BASE x8  2

385-BBQV  iDRAC9, Enterprise 15G  1

400-AZTW  960GB SSD SATA Mix Use 6Gbps 512 2.5in Hot-plug AG Drive,3.5in HYB CARR, 3 DWPD,  1

400-ANTE  2.4TB 10K RPM SAS 12Gbps 512e 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive, 3.5in HYB CARR  1

405-AAZB  PERC H755 SAS Front  1

384-BBBH  Power Saving BIOS Settings  1

384-BCTN  Standard Fan x7  1

412-AAVR  Heatsink for CPU less than 185W  2

429-ABLH  DVD +/-RW, SATA, Internal  1

450-AIQX  Dual, Hot-plug, PSU (1+1), 800, Mixed Mode  1

450-AADY  C13 to C14, PDU Style, 10 AMP, 6.5 Feet (2m), Power Cord  2

461-AAIG  Trusted Platform Module 2.0 V3  1

293-10024  Asset Tag - Technical Details (system type, tag number, processor, memory, operating system)  1

389-EBNS  PowerEdge 1U CE, CCC, Marking  1

389-EBNV  PowerEdge Non BIS Marking  1

540-BCOB  Broadcom 5720 Quad Port 1GbE BASE-T Adapter, OCP NIC 3.0  1

605-BBFN  No Media Required  1

611-BBBF  No Operating System  1

631-AACK  No Systems Documentation, No OpenManage DVD Kit  1

683-11870  No Installation Service Selected (Contact Sales Rep for more details)  1

708-10082  Configuration Services, Standard ISG System Report, Deliver Via Email  1

750-ACFR  Front PERC Mechanical Parts, front load  1

770-BCJI  ReadyRails Sliding Rails Without Cable Management Arm  1

770-BDZL  Cable Management Arm  1

780-BCDS  Unconfigured RAID  1

800-BBDM  UEFI BIOS Boot Mode with GPT Partition  1

709-BBIX  Parts Only Warranty 12 Months  1

865-BBLJ  Basic Next Business Day Extension, 24 Month(s)  1

865-BBLK  Basic Next Business Day Initial, 12 Month(s)  1

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  • Модель: 210-AZDS
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